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Suggestions on How to Dress Singapore Bay Windows

Everybody loves bay windows They provide the illusion of room, look impressive from outside, let loads of light in, allow views from inside the room and offer a space. They seem even more fantastic if dressed with shutters quality curtains or blinds. These developments can add to this room’s décor. Since bay windows have an unusual Shape they are complex and costly to dress and will need blinds, curtains, poles or particular. This report provides advice about how best to pick the right for you and describes a few of the options available.


A pelmet can be used in ways to bring out the best of a bay window hdb singapore. It may be used to provide an appearance and is also referred to as a board. The pelmet is used any time they want to conceal the curtain pole or where the home owner wishes to use curtains. It is not essential that the pelmet is exactly the same colour as the curtain and this allows flexibility and some creativity.

Window Valance

This is much like a pelmet but made of curtain fabric. If used it outline and can dress the window without hiding of the window and the framework is visible. A valance is suited to elaborate windows such as one where you would not have to draw on curtains. To complement the window valance colour can be matched to floor or the furniture to produce a look. A valance will be used together with a curtain that is complete with the valance.


Window shutters can be used both Internally and externally and provide privacy, shade and security. They include a frame around the window that comprises a collection of louvers that can be closed to block out light and provide privacy.